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    A personalized blankets with your kid's drawing digitally enhanced will turn your soft plush fleece blanket into a treasured keepsake. Our personalized blanket make the perfect baby shower gift or any special event gift.  Everyone will undoubtedly enjoy the irresistible softness of your very own blanket.  

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    Show your family and friends you value them more than that by creating cards from your kid's drawing digitally enhanced. Add to the cards a special text so they reflect your own unique style. Printed on high-quality paper, these cards are perfect to celebrate all of life’s most important events. Batch of 20 cards.

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    Personalized your iPad cover with your kid's artwork. It's a cute and colorful design. The glossy finish will enhance the colors and your little artist artwork. A great gift for boys, girls, dad and mom. The Barely There cases from Case-Mate are Compatible with Apple Smart Cover. 

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    I'm sure your little one suprized you with funny and cute words when learning to talk. Maybe you even recorded them somewhere. It's time to show them off! This personnalized poster or canvas will add a trendy touch to your interior while being sure never to find it elsewhere. Choose your words, colors, typography and different atmospheres deco... Matte...

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LillyPopArt : Gift ideas for parents, family, friends, children...

Personalized gifts based on your children's drawing!

The colorist, Lilly Pop (Helene in the real life) is a mom and got lots of sketches from her 2 kids. She started enhancing, for the very first time, her three-year-old son’s drawing. The sketch was a pirate (that's what her son said...). She decided to touch up the drawing with vibrant colors that add spark while still keeping the essence of the original drawing intact.

The result was stunning with lots of emotional feelings. It is the beginning of LillyPopArt.com, the online platform that proposes parents to transform their kids' drawing into designed objects, for themself, family, friends, teacher....

It's holiday season. Browse LillyPopArt website and you'll find personalized gifts ideas for grandma, dads, moms, aunts, uncles, ....

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Art of designed objects, based on children's drawing