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    LillyPopArt turns your kid's artwork into a digital artwork, and you're going to enjoy it at your convenience: print it at home and frame it, send it by email, share it on your favorite social network.

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    Custom Breakfast Serving Tray. Whatever you’re serving or entertaining purposes may be, you will enjoy our Personalized Perfect Serving Tray.  We will take any of your kid's drawing you choose, enhanced it and add it to our unique serving tray that makes serving your guests fun.  This Custom Serving Tray makes a beautiful gift for any gift giving need but...

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  • $65.00

    A personalized blankets with your kid's drawing digitally enhanced will turn your soft plush fleece blanket into a treasured keepsake. Our personalized blanket make the perfect baby shower gift or any special event gift.  Everyone will undoubtedly enjoy the irresistible softness of your very own blanket.  

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    This kitchen accessory will bring you a smile while you are cooking. Made of top quality tempered glass, the cutting board is 8x12” and displays your favorite kid's sketch digitally enhanced by Lillypopart. A great gift for a grand-mother or yourself!

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LillyPopArt : for parents, family, friends, children...

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A new concept based on your children's drawing!

The illustrator, Lilly Pop (Helene in the real life) is a mom and got lots of sketches from her 2 kids. She started enhancing, for the very first time, her three-year-old son’s drawing. The sketch was a pirate (that's what her son said...). She decided to touch up the drawing with vibrant colors that add spark while still keeping the essence of the original drawing intact.

The result was stunning with lots of emotional feelings. It is the beginning of LillyPopArt.com, the very first online platform that proposes parents to transform their kids' drawing into designed objects, for themself, for the family, for friends....

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Art of designed objects, based on children's drawing